A Quick Texas Rangers Soapbox Rant

Alright Rangers fans.

 It slipped away tonight. That’s what the Yankees do. They’re a machine. A cold, efficient, relentless machine. But we’re the Rangers. Yeah, we’ve got really stupid claws and antlers, a player who refuses to speak English, a manager who used to smoke in the dugout and was busted for coke, and an MVP candidate who at any moment could fall down and break his lung or disappear for 8 days on a bender.  That’s why we love them. We’re the fun guys who make you love baseball again.  Tonight, I saw an entire theatre full of people (18 year old prissy girls, middle aged women, dads wishing that the play would be over so they could get by a tv or radio) all on cloud 9 and then instantly and collectively crushed.  I guarantee 3/4 of that theatre paid NO attention to the Rangers until the past month or so, but we were all unified.  It was EXHILARATING to see that!  Lifelongs, new bloods, and bandwagonners, alike.  It was wonderful.  This is special. I’ve never seen anything like this before and we’ve never seen anything like this before.

 That’s why YOU shouldn’t give up hope.  That’s why you should get PISSED OFF when “fans” leave when its no longer fun as a cold machine like the Yankees does what it does and plays tough. YOU should get pissed off when “fans” start bad mouthing the team. We had the game tonight.  We wounded the Yankees.  We can have the game and kill them tomorrow. Don’t let the fairweather fans be passengers. Shake them by their stupid collars and tell them to stay on for the full ride or get busy dying.  

 Don’t lose hope.  Because, at the end of the day: our manager is a candidate for Manager of the year, we still have an MVP candidate, Cliff Lee is a bad ass (even if he’s a soldier for hire), and Nolan Ryan is at the helm.  And, if you REALLY need inspiration remember this: the Rangers are ONE of FOUR teams still playing baseball in October after needing to borrow money from Major League Baseball just to buy batting practice baseballs!  Dammit!  If these, knuckleheads can get THIS far, who says they can’t do the impossible?  Who says they can’t beat the evil empire and go all the way?  We got this!


One response to “A Quick Texas Rangers Soapbox Rant

  1. Good luck tonight. I like the way your team plays ball. If they can stay cool in the madhouse of Yankee Stadium, shut them down tonight, and then too of of A.J. Burnett tomorrow you’re going to make a lot of Yankee fans nervous. (and crankee)

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