The 2014 State Fair of Texas

It’s going to be short and sweet (but mostly savory) this year folks.

Ready for the Fair 2014The Gator done got himself married. Therefore, he had Mrs. Lady Gator had to focus most of their time, energy and money dollars on the wedding nuptials of marital weddedness. However, we kicked off our honeymoon the best way we knew how — we went to the State Fair of Texas and hustled our way through like a couple of newlyweds who had been on wedding diets for the last month.

I’ll be honest, we didn’t really try that much (by normal Gator standards), but we did what we could. Additionally, not having the time to put in the necessary days worth of research and effort to explore/share all the new gems of The Fair, I’ll just post some pictures with borderline inappropriate guidance.

Thank you for your appreciation! Please feel free to kiss your loved one for us. Click on the photos below to get the full scoop on each item we tried. Remember, you have until October 19th to get your ass and mouth to The Fair! DO IT!


The Gator and The Gator’s Lady

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