Fried Sriracha Balls

Fried Sriracha Balls. Ultimately, my favorite of everything we tried. Good Sriracha flavor with tasty bits of chicken, corn, chiles and tomatoes. If you’re hardcore like us, we dipped them in more Sriracha and felt our brains melt out through our nose and our mouths go all “Yoga Flame!” and “Yoga Fire!” High five. If someone tries to shut down the Sriracha Ball factory, they’re going to get a letter from me…via my fist.

I once ate a pecan-sized ball of wasabi because I’m awesome. I, then, spent the next 12-15 minutes in the bathroom trying to make sure my brain wasn’t going to run out of my nose with all the other mucous. A few years later, I ate an entire jalapeño to impress what was then the future Mrs. Lady Gator. I got instant hiccups and spent the next 30 minutes trying not hiccup vomit all over the place. True story.

That said, do it with the eating and putting in your mouth for consumption!


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