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2015 State Fair Eatvestigation Foodventure (Round 2): About that Chicken Fried Lobster

The 2015 State Fair of Texas has come and gone and if you didn’t go, you’re stupid, you missed out. This year’s Fair was full of great new food items, plus all the favorites of past years. The Lady Gator and I were able to squeeze in two trips to eat all the things we could for the sake of family home economics. You can read about our first trip here, but let’s get to the artery clogging sticking point:


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Deep-fried Breaking News: The Gator to Tackle $30 Deep-Fried Lobster “Thing”


Just when he looked like he was down and out, The Gator’s adoring fans go and lift him to new levels! As detailed in my Round 1 review of the 2015 Texas State Fair, The Gator had to forego this year’s extravagant Chicken Fried Lobster for reasons of:

  1. It’s damn 60 tickets ($30).
  2. They were out of the tail meat that made it so luxurious when The Gator and Lady Gator made their visit.

Then, the Lady Gator brought in the mail. “What’s in the mail?”, you cry in your best SE7EN impression. A letter from an amazing Gatorfile. Continue reading

2015 State Fair Eatvestigation Foodventure (Round 1)

2015 Texas State Fair - Gator EatsWhat’s up, bitches? It’s that time of year we all wait for—THE GREAT STATE FAIR OF TEXAS! Oh, you don’t know about the amazeballsness of The State Fair of Texas? What’s the matter with you? You do know, but you haven’t been to the State Fair of Texas? You’re stupid. Let me educate you about what it is I do and what it is I’m here for before I get started on what it actually is that I do and what it is I’m actually here for.

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